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Make your idle business money work harder.


We're for small businesses, sole proprietors, start-ups, and limited companies.

Connect, track and invest your idle business  money, all in one place. Earn up to 4.6%* more returns than your business bank account.

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Future-proof your company finances with a platform that gives you insights, and access to the investments and interest on uninvested cash.

GBP Liquidity Fund

Discover our Money Market Fund - a type of fund that invests in low risk UK government backed securities. Your investment amount remains stable whilst giving higher returns* and the liquidity you need, making it a safer choice. It's like having a savings account that can earn you more. Ideal for short-term goals or as a cash reserve.

UK Fixed Income

Invest in a UK only fixed income fund with underlying fixed income securities such as UK bonds and money market instruments (i.e. debt securities). Ideal for a low risk investment over a medium time horizon.

(Coming  Soon)

Readymade Risk
Based Fun

Choose any of our three multi-asset investment portfolios - Adventurous, Progressive, Daily - curated and sctively managed by our FCA regulated Investment Manager and earn competitive returns*, ensuring your money grows safely over time. Ideal for long-term goals.

*As with all investing, your capital is at risk. Returns shown are based on current yields, are not guaranteed, and may vary with wider market conditions.  Only invest excess capital.

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Cash Intelligence. Front and centre.

Gain transparent insights into your cash flow with our secure tools, empowering you with real-time financial data in a protected environment.

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How it works

We emphasise on low-risk investment options such as high interest accounts and money market funds, providing a safe haven for your assets while offering competitive returns.

Sign up & Discover 
Cash Insights 

Our platform guides you towards smarter investing decisions.

Via our streamlined KYB/AML onboarding, and the power of our AI-driven tools,
open your account in a breeze and gain real-time insights on your  financial metrics and available investment funds.

Explore Readymade Investments

 Explore a curated selection of readymade funds, carefully and actively managed by our investment manager, tailored to your business' risk & liquidity needs.

We offer diverse, low-risk options like Money Market Funds, providing high liquidity and competitive

& Earn
Our handpicked portfolios can help you earn upto 4.6%* on your idle business cash. Put your excess business funds to work by investing and earn interest on uninvested cash.

With upto 4.6%* return on your investments and extend your runway. Paid on your terms.
*Subject to market conditions




Tailored recommendations, using advanced AI and machine learning, transform your idle cash into active investments.


Our intuitive system provides suggestions and timely prompts, aiming to increase returns and make your money work smarter.

Keeping your business' funds safe & secure.

Tried, trusted, and built for you.

Squirrel Money safeguards your investments with stringent regulatory compliance and top-tier data protection. We use AES-256 encryption and real-time monitoring to secure your data, ensuring a safe and responsive investing environment.


Trust in our dedication to security, through continuous oversight and internal controls for your peace of mind.

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How It Works

About Us

At our core, we are driven by the mission to democratise investments. Disenchanted by the exclusivity and opacity of the investment space, we decided to create a platform that embodies transparency, inclusivity, and demolishes the barriers that traditional wealth management systems maintain. We’re replacing them with a straightforward, user-friendly, and transparent model​, empowering sole proprietors, small businesses, and start-ups through crucial cash insights and readymade risk based investment options. By intertwining sophisticated technology with financial expertise, we strive to demystify the financial landscape, making it accessible and understandable for all. Our platform provides a number of services catered to meet the unique financial needs of our users. We emphasise risk based investment opportunities such as readymade investment funds, fixed income funds and stable money market funds, aiming to provide a safe haven for your hard-earned money while ensuring it continues to grow. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge cash insight tools to help small businesses maintain a healthy financial pulse, always staying ahead of their monetary needs and goals. We adhere to strict financial and data security regulations, ensuring your information and investments are safeguarded at every step of your financial journey with us. Our dedicated team of financial experts and technologists are continuously innovating to enhance our offerings, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the financial tech evolution. We invite you to join us on this exciting venture to redefine what's possible in the world of finance and investment.

About Us
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